With the mention of the word shortbread, what rings into your mind, even before we go to melt in your mouth shortbread? I hope my guess is right. You are thinking of why it is called shortbread. If you belong to the other school of thought the word shortbread means bread that is shorter than the normal bread then I am here to disappoint you, my dear reader.

Bread-making has been revolutionized in a way that you can hardly understand. 

What is shortbread?

Shortbread is called so not because it is short but because of the ratio involved when baking it.

The ratio used here is one part of sugar to the ratio of two parts of butter. The ratio of butter is higher by one. This gives this type of bread a distinct taste that is out of this world. It becomes a buttery crumb that quickly melts in your mouth. This makes me christen it melt in your mouth shortbread and true that’s what it is.

 How to keep shortbread longer

More often than not we lead the pack in explaining to people why we should only buy what we can consume. However, few of these people have a strong enough power to resist the taste of a melt in your mouth shortbread on the display even when its price skyrockets.

Here is the trick to use when increasing the shelf life of your shortbread.

Avoid moisture

The whole trick is keeping your shortbread last longer lies in the extent to which it is kept away from moisture. During packing, even the melt in your mouth shortbread, endure until it is well cooled before packing. This ensures no warmth will cause condensation in the bag making the whole bread soggy. Do not have a rush when packing.

Equally, use an airtight bag to pack your bread. This will preserve the freshness of the bread longer. It also encourages the entry of bacteria into the bread hence increasing its shelf life. Bacterial activities lower the life span of food items. 

In short, there is no big trick in preserving shortbread. The whole issue lies with containing the bacterial invasion and lowering the moisture content during packing and even in the house where it is stored.
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