What is a Viking Arm Tool?

How often do you find yourself trying to figure out the big hassle one had to undergo when doing doors, windows, kitchens, cabinets, and frames installations back in the days? The technician had to depend on human support to perform the duty manually. The process could at times subject those involved to injuries but with the new technology, the viking arm tool safety has given a solution to this.

Viking Arm Tool Safety

Viking arm tool is a tool used specifically for the clamping of doors, windows or any other construction and development that needs to be fitted tightly into a predefined position. With a lifting capacity of up to 150kgs, it can accommodate the majority of these structures. The product delivers exceptional better results when it comes to lifting of materials to position, screwing bolts and balancing in position.

This article explores the various features that enhance the viking arm tool safety.

Mounting holes for safe operations

The tool has been designed in a way that meets international safety standards and also ensures no accidental occurrences when in operation. The modified mounting holes present ensure the tool is in a good working position, making it intact so that no unnecessary motions during the operation. This is contrary to the earlier usage of human support that was subject to human error, which would cause instability and threaten the safety of the technician. The mounting holes give an assurance of viking arm tool safety.

Standard base for support

The viking arm tool safety is evident in the broad standard base fitted in the tool for stability benefits. With a base of approximately 5 by 105 by 87 the tool can’t shake when in operation but maintains stability. The wide base gives it a strong foundation that helps to lift heavy objects without complications. In addition, the tool can accommodate great pressure thanks to the hardened stainless steel it is made up of, hence no worries.

High capacity 

When it comes to capacity handling, the tool is designed to accommodate weight to an extent of 150kgs. This allows mount windows and other elements with ease. The fact that its optimum capacity is high means technicians can perform the duties single-handedly, hence zero reliance on humans and avoiding inconveniences caused. The viking arm tool safety has been made a priority and in particular by operating beyond operations with a huge capacity range to accommodate more working materials and make operations faster.

In Summary, the viking arm tool safety is something to be proud of, having undergone tests by different safety standards agencies. It is universally accepted, hence a surety of confidence when it comes to usage and safety. Technicians can use this tool for better performance and since it’s only 1.4kgs it’s portable, thus no additional transport cost. It is more reliable and time efficient also.

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